AmTrust Mortgage & Credit

AmTrust Mortgage & Credit focuses on mortgage insurance in the UK and Europe, working with building societies, banks and other financial institutions. It has been offering flexible mortgage insurance solutions to suit different lender requirements, whether that is on a loan-by-loan basis or at a portfolio level, since 1993. Our protection to lenders makes high loan-to-value mortgage loans (where the borrower does not have a large deposit) available to good credit-quality borrowers. AmTrust Mortgage & Credit has unmatched expertise and capacity including a unique arrangement with highly rated reinsurers.

White Dragon Communications has been working with AmTrust in the UK since the end of 2012 when it was part of Genworth. Our focus has been on developing the brand within the mortgage lending community and across the mortgage market in general. We have also worked on a wider consumer/national media brief developing AmTrust\'s research and expertise across a variety of areas including first-time buyer lending and the Help to Buy scheme.