Fleet Mortgages

To provide a flavour of the work carried out by White Dragon Communications, below is a case study of Fleet Mortgages – the specialist buy-to-let lender and a client of ours since it was established in September 2014.

Pre-official launch, White Dragon developed a strategy to generate coverage and interest around the establishment and development of the business. Following on from this we officially launched the business in the press and media and continue to generate significant coverage and profile.

This was, and has been, achieved via:

  • Drip-feeding pertinent news out to the marketplace over a three-month period concerning pre-launch activity. This was done on both an exclusive and catch-all press release basis.
  • We followed this up by establishing a communication channel that ensures all relevant news is issued to our target media concentrating on new distributor relationships, results, product/criteria changes, appointments, etc.
  • Establishing key messages across all content, i.e. how and why Fleet Mortgages is different to other lender competitors due to its focus on the professional landlord market, and also its commitment to sectors such as limited company lending and those for HMOs; also the experience of the Fleet Mortgages’ management team; the focus on strong service levels/turnaround times, etc; the strength of distributor relationships.
  • Organising a series of ongoing media meetings for Bob Young, CEO at Fleet Mortgages, with target journalists and publications.
  • Developing and writing regular article and blogs for Bob Young and other members of staff within the key target publications. Bob has regular columns in (amongst others) Mortgage Introducer, Mortgage Strategy, Mortgage Solutions, Best Advice. We also provide contributions to a range of other titles including Financial Adviser, Financial Reporter, Money Marketing, MFG, Financial Reporter, etc; we are regularly approached for comment and submissions to publications.
  • Establishing both profile and Q&A opportunities with Bob Young and other Fleet Mortgages’ staff. Bob was the subject of the cover feature in October’s Mortgage Introducer magazine; Bob and Ross Turrell have also featured on the cover of Mortgage Strategy. Most recently BDM Mark Whitear was the subject of Know Your BDM in Mortgage Solutions.
  • Providing both proactive and reactive comment from Bob on a range of industry topics, particularly around the buy-to-let market, lending activities, intermediary issues. Bob has been quoted regularly on issues such as regulation of the buy-to-let market, political pressure on the sector, the future for landlords in the market, stamp duty changes, changes to mortgage interest tax relief, etc.
  • Supporting Fleet Mortgages’ marketing activities particularly around product launches, criteria changes, roadshow/masterclass appearances, etc. Drafting content for distributor partners’/trade bodies own publications, for example, Source Insurance, Simplybiz, NACFB, CML, IMLA, etc.
  • Establishing and contributing to Fleet Mortgages’ social media content – both Twitter and LinkedIn. Tweeting all coverage from the White Dragon Twitter account; adding content and coverage to the Fleet Mortgages’ LinkedIn Group.

As a result of these activities Fleet Mortgages has secured a significant share of coverage and voice among its specialist lender peer group establishing Bob Young and the team as a go-to presence in both the buy-to-let sector and the wider lending/intermediary market place.

Fleet Mortgages conducts only a very small amount of advertising and therefore places a great deal of focus on its PR activities to generate interest and interaction with its products and services. From a standing start, White Dragon has been able to establish Fleet as one of, if not the, most visible lending brands in the marketplace and has developed an ongoing strategy to continue this visibility not just across the buy-to-let marketplace but other product areas that Fleet may enter into.